"Mereka memberikan pengumuman hari ini."

Translation:They give an announcement today.

September 20, 2018

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They make an announcement today


Indo to English is okay, but not English to Indo ... it would not make sense to them that someone 'makes' an announcement. Make = to build. Similarly, expressions like, You will make it (make = achieve) would not necessarily make sense.


That's not the point, in English you can't "give" an announcement, so it has to be "make".


You are sort of right, but also very wrong.

To an Indonesian speaker the words memberikan pengumuman conveys the meaning that we convey by saying “make an announcement”. English could perhaps have decided to use “gives an announcement” but it didn’t. That’s not what we say, ever. The force of natural idiomatic speech says “makes” is the correct verb with “announcement”.

Notice that Duolingo doesn’t have different translations each way either.


"They make an announcement today" is the English translation


This is bad English and would be marked incorrect in Australia.


“Marked” as incorrect in every English variety

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