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No veo al perro.

What is the difference between using al instead of el in the sentence "no veo al perro."?

July 9, 2012



and the a is there because it's a "personal a". In this case, the dog is being treated like a person because it's a pet. "no veo el libro" versus "no veo al jefe".


This is because "al" is a contraction of "a" and "el". "No veo a el perro" sounds a bit strange, so it gets shortened to "No veo al perro" If the object of the sentence was feminine, there would be no contraction: "No veo a la gata"


I agree with bigjimmyoswald. its a contraction.


It´s the same with "la casa del perro" (the house´s dog), "del" is a contraction of "de" and "el", Xiape is also right.

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