"Kami dilarang tidur oleh mereka."

Translation:We were forbidden to sleep by them.

September 21, 2018

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Present tense "We are forbidden to sleep by them" should also be acceptable.


Or better, "We are forbidden by them to sleep." This omits the ambiguity of 'by them' being a prepositional phrase to describe location.


This is a poor translation because the sentence is ambiguous: "by them" can mean both 'oleh mereka' and 'dekat mereka.'

Terjemahan ini buruk/kurang bak/tidak akurat karena kalimatnya ambigu: "oleh mereka" bisa berarti 'oleh mereka' dan 'dekat mereka.'


We were deprived of sleep by them is a better interpretation! How can one forbid sleep?


Perhaps they are building soccer stadiums in Qatar, or are they students in a class ^^


I think it’s Tono, his position in that bank is already high. But we can sleep later when we eat. OK, Tono is not evil, the cat knows. But it’s better I get out of here, I’m suspected of recieving letters from Andi’s lawyer and of helping the police. You can keep this pumpkin, sleep well


They did not permit us to sleep was not accepted


That is because event though it has a similar meaning, it is rearranged in a way that makes it not a passive sentence


I agree that your sentence is both better and more likely to be used. I suspect that the reason your sentence was not accepted is that it is not in the passive voice--which you are meant to be practicing/practising here.

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