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Where is that list of learned words???

I have seen a list of the words and a word count for my Spanish achievements, but I cannot find the list in Czech. I want to know how many words I have in my Czech vocabulary now. Can anyone tell me how to access that list again?

September 21, 2018



You can't find it because there "isn't", but I guess due to a bug you can access it. I don't know if it works with all languages, so if it doesn't try german:

  1. open Duolingo in two tabs, both in a language that has the word list (both tabs should show you the spanish flag next to your name in your case)
  2. change the language to czech in one tab and open the word list in the other tab (you will still see the spanish flag next to your name and it will say "spanish words learned", but the words should be for the czech course)

That's what works for me atleast.


I'm afraid there is no word list for Czech yet. But I've tried what ChrisophS49077 sujested and it worked :)

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