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"Kami tidak tahu siapa yang menyewa toko-toko kami."

Translation:We do not know who rents our stores.

September 21, 2018



We don't know who rented our shops rejected. Reported.


someone explain me what is the "yang" mean


Yang has various meanings. It can be used as "that" or "who"


For example: "Saya punya seorang anak yang suka makan ayam goreng." I have a kid who likes to eat fried chicken.


It can also be another way to describe a subject. "Dia punya kambing yang pendek". She has a short goat or She has a goat that is short.


Yang can also mean "one" as in talking about a specific object. "Saya mau yang biru". I would like the blue one.


Similar to below - my Indonesian friends explain it to me simply as a joining word (in most cases) when you are most commonly describing something, similar to functions of 'which' 'is' 'that is' 'who is' 'was'. As bahasa doesn't use a lot of joining words in the same function English uses them, it kind of emphasis in the bahasa sentence that the two are connected.

a bad example/s is: - the ball is big - bola yang besar - the cat is blue - kucing yang biru - A new car - sebuah mobil yang baru

My experience with messaging with my Indonesian friends (with my basic bahasa) is that they use yang far more than duo lingo does (but they are from kalimantan maybe it is different there than where the editors are from).


It's the android sent by cyberlife

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