"They do not like peanuts, so they do not eat."

Translation:Mereka tidak suka kacang, jadi mereka tidak makan.

September 21, 2018

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Sounds like Delta Airlines -- peanuts or nothing.


I left out the 2nd mereka, similar to what i did for a different sentence, and was marked wrong this time. Is restating they/mereka necessary?


I did that too but I get why I was wrong. Perhaps, like me, you were thinking of a previous sentence where the second instance of the verb was left out. In this one, I don't think we can leave out the subject pronoun because even in the English translation that would be wrong.


Would it still work if I placed "jadi" after"mereka" in the second sentence? I've seen it somewhere else but I am not sure if we are allowed to do that in a proposition like this one


mereka tidak suka kacang supaya mereka tidak makan - supaya is not accepted?

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