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Mobile app spends traffic on its own.

Hello, I noticed strange thing today. I use Duolingo via mobile app on Android, and since sometime it started to spend a lot of traffic on its own. Imagine, I just logged in my account and it begins to use traffic, even if I don't pass any exercises. It uses traffic both when it is active and works in background. I did some 2-3 lessons of Norwegian, but Duolingo has already spent 1.37GB,and I was closing it to check what was causing such huge traffic waste. Of course, it stops using traffic, when I completely close it. The interesting thing is that that it uses traffic only when my account is logged in. If I log out or log in my cousin's account, it doesn't use traffic except of what is necessary to load a lesson. Literally I can't use it for studying, and I guess that it is not normal that it uses traffic nonstop. It must be some glitc or bug. Did anyone have such a problem, and is there the solution for it?

September 21, 2018


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Here is the screenshot of data statistics direct link
https://i.paste.pics/3RWR6.png or https://pastenow.ru/3RWR6

September 21, 2018


Did anyone have such a problem, and is there the solution for it?




have you already submitted a bug report?: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

What was the reply from staff? Any?

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