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The english on Conj 2 is really poor :(

It took me so long to finish the session because there were so many inconsistencies and mistakes in English. the translations were weirdly inflexible. Has anyone else had this problem?

September 21, 2018



I don’t remember that session in particular, but some sessions are worse than others. I’m trying to make comments on cases that could be improved in the hope that those who follow will have the benefit. At the moment the course is in beta, which I hope means it will get reviewed and improved at some point.


Halo teman! After trying a test, I can say there are some inconsistencies, as you said.

For example:

Indonesian sentence (if I can remember well):

Saya minum susu agar saya kuat.

I drink milk so that I am strong.

This sentence has already been reported, and also there is a comment about it.

Report: The English sentence is unnatural or has an error. I drink milk so that I will be strong.

Note: Still, I cannot understand well if the users are suggesting better translations. Most of the time I feel I cannot give an opinion on the English sentences, but in the Indonesian. I just try to improve the English grammar, and learn new words from the comments while I study a new course in Duolingo.

Test: I tried a test (I have already finished the course, so I tried to reach the level 3 in this skill and a few others), and suddenly I ran out of my hearts. Without any heart in the middle of the row, I managed to finished it, also sending some reports and reading the comments posted by users in the forum. I think I can remember some of the sentences and its translations, even if the English meaning is weird, so I have used a few minutes to test out the skill, without more help than the dictionary for some verbs, and using the word bank just once. My advantage is to know already the most part of the conjunctives. My new words are "agar", "sehingga", "bahkan", "yaitu". For example, with "yaitu", there is also a weird English sentence, using "i.e.", but I remembered that my responses were rejected many times when I did this lesson before (then I marked the issue with the reporting tool every time), so I was obliged to use that translation to can finish the test, without any heart to save me if I put another translation. I know this is a very bad methodology in Duolingo. Because we should use the correct grammar, instead of weird English translations to pass a lesson. But testing out in this way is impossible right now.

So, I really understand your position. I think I have suffered the same with the (suffix) "PE-" skill to reach the level 3 (before trying with "Conjunctives 2"), restarting the test almost ten times, and I am doing this to not see the hints in the sentences, but I do use them when practicing (reinforcing) a lesson. I wanted to leave it, and then trying with another skill from the beginning of the tree (just to feel a little relaxed), but I could finish it in the last attempt, shouting happily.

I know some skills can also be painful. For example, other like that is the "Diper-" skill. I can remember there is a sentence about a bear catching a fish, a very big fish at the river, or perhaps, it is about a fish, a very big fish, "caught" or "obtained" by a bear at the river. I really do not know what would be the "preferable" translation to English for "diperoleh", and then the algorithm suggests "gotten". So, the only English translation accepted is something like "The fish that that bear gotten at the river is very big.", then my brain has to repeat this (after trying and reporting many other possibilities) to can pass the row, at least when strengthening the skill. In a common lesson, I think it is the same, because every translation has to be done correctly to finish the row. When testing out, the sentences are changed from a reduced set in every attempt, also the order is mixed differently, and with every level reached, more sentences are added from the whole skill set. So, at level 5, the sentence session can change even more differently.

I think there are still many exercises with sentences generated by the algorithm that the contributors need to find and fix, and meanwhile this huge work can be facilitated by the help of the users here, so the contributors can receive a message directly from the reporting tool with a list of sentences to be fixed. In this moment, there would be hundreds of these sentences and suggestions in the list. Please keep reporting.

Selamat belajar! :)

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