"We are looking for the newspaper."

Translation:Kami mencari koran itu.

September 21, 2018

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Never been introduced to the word tersebut?

I got the answer wrong from a choice of 3, the correct answer was:

"Kami mencari koran tersebut."


Halo teman! Basically, "tersebut" can be used when people or things are "already mentioned", that is the English meaning. So, it is also used to replace "itu", and translated as "the" / "that" / "those". The affix "ter-" and the root "sebut" form the passive intransitive verb in Indonesian, for the verb "menyebut" / "sebut".

See tersebut in Wiktionary.

Other examples of verbs and superlatives in Indonesian:


Selamat belajar!


Terima kasih! This was extremely helpful. :)


Is it equally appropriate to leave off the -itu? E.g. kami mencari koran (with no itu at the end)? Or is this particular sentence so ambiguous that someone might think you were after just any newspaper, so you need to use itu?

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