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Improvements to Duolingo Schools

I love utilizing Duolingo in my classroom. I wish Duolingo would allow us to determine whether or not students can turn off their microphones. Also, as far as assigning assignments, it would be nice if an 'assign all' button existed that we could click for new students entering the class after initial set-up. I do my set-up in class, but occasionally we get new students, or even a few students after the initial set-up day. Having to go back and click on assign for each assignment is tedious if many assignments have been assigned.

Just a few thoughts.

September 21, 2018



Yup. Also:

  • Make it possible to assign the task of strengthening a skill
  • ...and to assign getting a skill to gold
  • ...and to assign making the whole tree gold
  • ...and getting the tree to gold a number of days in a row
  • ...and earning XP, but not from repeating the same skill endlessyl
  • Make it possible for more than one teacher to be attached to a classroom
  • Make it possible to transfer a classroom to another teacher
  • Make it possible to upload students from a CSV file


Apparently there also need to be a report button for obnoxious people. :(

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These are good thoughts.
I am just a volunteer in this community.
Yet I do see where you are coming from , and agree with you.


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us.

I can understand how the current method can be tedious. Your transparent thoughts to this is appreciated.


Would be nice if I coud easily see my students' streaks Also if clubs could be somehow linked with classrooms

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