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"Dia mengumumkan bahwa anaknya menikah dengan Andi."

Translation:He announces that his daughter is married to Andi.

September 21, 2018



Unless "anak" has become gendered, this should also be able to mean "She announces that her son is married to Andi."


Does it have to be her own son, or is it possible with the "nya" construction that she is announcing somebody else's son's marriage?

(I put "she announces... HIS son" and got marked wrong.)


Yep, I'm pretty sure the context could change the refererant of "-nya" to anything.


Not to mention that Andi can be a female name too.


I was thinking the same thing :) Have reported it :)


Can menikah be "Is marrying" or does it have to be "is married now"? I know mengawin is also a word which I guess means "gets married" and "menikah" means "is married"?


Since when is anak translated with daughter?


Anaknya = his/her child. Daughter/son is an optional translation.


No same sex marriage in Indonesia, and Andi has been previously identified as a male.


Actually, it was previously established that Andi was a name that could be used for either gender. Moreover, while same-sex marriage is not a feature of Indonesian law, Indonesian would be a very strange language, if it could only be used to discuss things happening in Indonesia. Indeed, the last I checked, there were a number of Indonesian speakers in the Netherlands, where same-sex marriage is legal. I also have heard Indonesian (or maybe Malay) being spoken in both New York and Chicago, and the speakers might very well have been discussing events happening in the United States.

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