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"Is she starting to respect me?"

Translation:Začíná si mě vážit?

September 21, 2018



Why not "zacina me respektovat?


"Začíná mě respektovat" is an accepted translation. Perhaps there was something else in your answer that Duo didn’t like. For troubleshooting, it’s best to either (1) use the report button in addition to commenting, or (2) include a screenshot in your comment, so that the team can see your complete answer. (Reporting is easier.)


that's what i would have put if i did not have to choose from the word bank. it's a good answer.


On the web version of Duolingo, it is possible to use switch to keyboard input when the word bank is displayed. This -- for better or worse -- allows for more flexibility in constructing answers. So may I ask a question, please? If you're using an app version, do you have the option to use the keyboard instead of the tiles?


i prefer to use the web version, but sometimes it's not possible to get to a computer in my day, and i don't want to miss a day of study. on the app version, there are exercises which use the word bank, and some which allow you to write it in. the choice is not the user's to make as far as i know... i don't think there is an option to switch it to one or the other. i think the word bank is relatively new, i have loathed it since it appeared ;). i think it must be much easier for the course creators, because there are less requests to add acceptable answers. but i find it much harder to learn that way.


Thanks for taking the time to reply. So far, I use Duo only on a laptop, so your information is helpful to me. As for the word bank making life easier for the course teams... not so much! The same work goes into creating the exercises, and the comments, questions, and reports keep coming! :-)


We have many reports for *"Začína si mě respektovat?". That is not possible, respektovat is not reflexive so it must be "Začíná mě respektovat?".


Vážit means to weigh not to respect, right?


vážit si - to respect vážit - to weigh


I thought Vazit was "to appreciate". Respectovat was "to respect". Why is my answer wrong? Sorry not got Czech keyboard.


So what was your answer?

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