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  5. "What does Julia eat?"

"What does Julia eat?"

Translation:जूलिया क्या खाती है?

September 21, 2018



Audio would be helpful here.


sounds like Julia que kati he

I keep forgetting the que

[deactivated user]

    Are you learning Spanish as well? I keep confusing myself between Spanish and Hindi. Ella ek banana khatee hain. ;)


    Is there any difference in emphasis/sounds better or less weird between क्या खाती and खाती क्या?


    Native speaker here, जूलिया खाती क्या है? sounds ungrammatical to me and जूलिया क्या खाती है? is the only way to ask "What does Julia eat?".


    Same question. Apparently Google translate has it holding this word order for all questions: Notice all interrogatives have a k sound and notice the character similarity:

    a) kya = what क्या b) kab = when कब c) kahaan = where कहाँ d) kaun = who कौन e) kyon = why क्यों f) kaise = how कैसे

    1) What does Julia eat? = Julia what eat does = जूलिया क्या खाती है? = jooliya kya khaatee hai?

    2) When does Julia eat? = Julia when eat does = जूलिया कब खाती है?= jooliya kab khaatee hai?

    3) Where does Julia eat? Julia where eat does? जूलिया कहाँ खाती है jooliya kahaan khaatee hai?

    4) Who does Julia eat? Julia who eat does? जूलिया कौन खाती है?jooliya kaun khaatee hai?

    5) Why does Julia eat? Julia why eat does जूलिया क्यों खाती है? jooliya kyon khaatee hai?

    6) How does Julia eat? Julia how eat does? जूलिया कैसे खाती है? jooliya kaise khaatee hai?


    जूलिया क्या खाती है

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