"Who is that girl?"

Translation:वह लड़की कौन है?

September 21, 2018

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Please demonstrate the difference between 'कौन' and 'क्या'.


कौन = who, क्या = what. "वह कौन है?" = Who is that/he/she? "वह क्या है?" = What is that?


Kaun means who Kya means what


Wait why is kyā not allowed here? क्या वह लड़की कौन है?


Placing क्या at the beginning of a sentence turns it into a yes or no question, "क्या वह लड़की कौन है?" would translate to "Is this girl who?" which doesn't make much sense, unless the girl's name was literally "Who."


Ah, okay. That makes sense. Thanks!


Why can't we use kon at the beginning?


English puts its interrogatives ("who", "what", etc.) at the beginning of a sentence, even though it isn't the subject. Hindi, on the other hand, prefers to put the subject at the beginning of a sentence, which is why you don't put कौन at the beginning.

Think of it as "that girl, who is she?"


When we have to use thu


Who is she ....... She is my girlfriend papa


Kaun he wah ladki? ....is that fine???


It looks like you're doing a word-for-word translation from English. Unlike many other Indo-European languages, in Hindi verbs tend to gravitate towards the end of the clause.

English puts question words ("who", "what", et.c) at the beginning of the sentence even though it's not the subject (कौन in this case). Hindi prefers to put the subject ("that girl") at the beginning, which is why you don't start sentences with कौन).

Generally, the subject comes first, then the object of the verb, and last the verb. (We call this SOV; English is SVO.)

Hence, the answer here is वह लढ़की कौन है.


No this is not correct .. if u want I can help u


What is the difference between Kon and Kya? Idk if anyone else asked this btw- sry if someone has


कौन means "who", क्या is used to turn a statement into a question. At the beginning of a sentence, क्या turns the statement into a yes/no question; otherwise, it turns it into a general question, and the placement indicates what's being asked about.

  • क्या तुम खा रही हो? Are you eating? (Beginning -- yes/no)
  • तुम क्या खा रही हो? What are you eating? (क्या takes the place of the object)

From my understanding the placement rules for कौन are similar, in a sort of Yoda way: वह कौन है? Who is that? (Literally: that, who is?)


Formula for wh questions in hindi

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