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  5. "वह क्या है?"

"वह क्या है?"

Translation:What is that?

September 21, 2018



☆Fun Fact ☆ In hindi all question words starts with क . For example क्या, कहाँ , कौन , कैसे etc .


Would "It is what?" also be a valid translation?


That's not a valid sentence in English


It is a valid sentence in English. It changes the emphasized word.

Saying "What is it?" put's the emphasis on the "it" because you are curious about the "it." For example you were pointing to something and you wanted to know what it was.

Saying "It is what?" puts the emphasis on "what" where one is expressing disbelief or one was unclear about what one just heard. For example, someone just said "Your dog is a vampire" or "It is dead" and one might reply in English ... "It is WHAT?"


It's not a polite, finely expressed sentiment. But is a valid sentence, provided you take the word "valid" to mean gramatically correct in a binary world.


It's still correct but i understand everyone's point of view. It's not grammatically correct but English speakers still say it to switch up the emphasis and express emotion.


I've upvoted this because I would like to know if it's a correct literal translation (I know that the suggested English isn't finely expressed.) Instead, it's the meaning of खय that I am asking about. DL suggests "what" (an interrogative pronoun), "will" (a noun or a verb), or "deed" (a noun) as possible translations...

Another question: is खय the accusative object here? If so, is वह also a pronoun, rather than a demonstrative article (as seen in previous exercises)?


What do you mean byख्य


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