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email reminding me of streak length seems to be wrong

I got a reminder telling me to use Duolingo today to make my streak 57......"Daily Spanish Reminder Hi Margolf, you are on a 56 day streak! Use Duolingo today to make it 57. " But this makes no sense........if I used it today...the streak does not change today to 57.......it still is 56.........it is only tomorrow that it changes...... and I understood the reminder is sent only when you have NOT been on duolingo on the day.......and in this case, I had already been on today..... so am I reading this wrong or what? thanks

May 7, 2014



Hi Margolf! I don't seem to understand your problem, as your streak really does show the number 57. However, is it possible that the email was sent before you began working on Spanish? If you go to Settings under your name, and then notifications, you can change the time at which you want Duolingo to send you a reminder. Hope this helps! :)


the notice was sent to me on TUESDAY at 7:08 pm I had already been working on Spanish (my only course) some 10 or 12 hours before that,........ and my streak was at 56....... the note said - work on Spanish now and your streak will change to 57 -- that was clearly incorrect.....my streak had already changed to 56 some 10 or 12 hours earlier that same day when I first worked on Spanish for the day........nothing was going to change the streak to 57 on TUESDAY-- the streak could not change to 57 until WEDNESDAY.....

so, you are right, my streak is NOW 57 --because it is WEDNESDAY - a day after the note....and I worked on Spanish on Wednesday....

so....my point is that the note was wrong-- I understood the note was to be sent when the person had NOT worked on the course that day, and it was to warn them that the streak would end if they did not work on the course before the end of the day. This note told me that my streak would change that day to 57 if I worked on the course that day -- not true.

so - either I don't understand how the reminder works ....or it's not working right....... --am trying to find out which is the case - everything I see about the reminder says it gets sent only on a day when you have NOT worked on your course yet that day..............

so it seems that this reminder came to me more than 10 hours after I had already been online and worked on my course- and it had the wrong information since it was telling me that the streak would extend to 57 days on Tuesday if I worked on my course that day.


No need to get all capitol-lettery.
Maybe DL has you in the wrong timezone, and that's why the email seems off. Mine has always been correct for me.
Where you in a different area when you made your DL account then you are now?


Like wazzie said, it's possible that DuoLingo based the notifications on a certain timezone, and so, even if you had done Spanish that day, the next day's notification was sent during your lessons. Sorry, I'm not sure how email notifications work since I don't use them (I think...I should probably check :P), but I'm sure Duo lingo had a slight mix-up or such. If it really does bother you then you should contact Support and give a specific description of your problem. I think you should go to Settings, however, and put a specific notification hour so that it'll be set for a more expected time (if you haven't already). Hope this helps! :)

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