"Ini banyak."

Translation:This is a lot.

September 22, 2018

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Should "There are a lot of these" be valid?


"This is lots" should be correct. It was marked wrong.


Why can't you say "this is much"? if for instance you talk about milk? Is "This is a lot" the only acceptable answer? I tried some others, nothing worked.


"This is much" is not grammatically correct in English.


In English here (Scotland UK) we can this is lots but it didnt accept it, i think its probably right formally. But we wouldnt say this is much , we might say this is too much but that has a different meaning.


"This is many" is also marked as incorrect, but should be a valid English construction.


It might be strictly technically correct but a native speaker would never use that construction. Trust me as a native speaker on this. "This is many" and "this is much" would reveal to an english native that you don't have a grasp of how English people use the language. To refine your understanding, it is good to see the difference and the subtle relationship between rules and usage. In the end usage comes to define "rules" in language (unless we are discussing an invented formal language with precisely defined syntactic rules) and of course usages are constantly in flux.


Unfortunately English is very complex and this sentence would not be used by native speakers, although they would understand what you meant.


The speaker says banyar When I type banyar the system excepts banyar as correct but translates it as BANYAK

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