I forget!

I lasted 574 days. I forgot to do yesterday. my goal was, 1000 days.

I start again. I write about it, because I want to keep the motivation against Duolingo.

but actually, I'm a very goofy person. so, For me, it was a long record.

September 22, 2018


Congratulations on your streak! That is really impressive.

Don't let one missed day throw you off. Keep studying and improving. You'll be glad you did.

がんばって ください



That's a pretty good streak. Keep up the good work!


Thank you! I am a weak person. so, your encouragement gives me the motivation.

Congarts anyway! Be careful this time, we're all cheering for you!


Thank you, again!! I will be careful next time!

Wow! Idk how you would be able to keep a streak THAT long!!!






連続日数が 途切れたのは昨日ならまだ間に合うかもしれません。1,200円で買わないといけないんですが。

@Arachnjeさん 知りませんでした。

最近、たるんでいたのでこれを戒めとしてまたやり直します。 でも、教えてくださってありがとうございます!

You could buy a streak freeze with your lingots in case you forget another day.
I bought one a couple years ago but still have not used it, but if I ever miss a day it will keep my streak for one day (but only one day, after that I would have to buy another streak freeze).
But don't worry about your streak too much. I'd much rather loose my streak and learn my languages than have a long streak and not learn anything.

He might not want to use the streek freeze. Many people are against it and consider it cheating.

I just don't understand why it's "cheating" because a streak is neither good nor bad. It's just another thing to keep users motivated.


I think the point of streak freeze is for in case you won't be able to do it for a while, and you don't want to lose your streak.


Yeah, there are many thoughts. But certainly, increasing the numbers of days made me happy. haha. I will do again. Thank you!


I worried about I would lose my motivation when the record/streak stop. But I will continue. Thank you for your kind words!

!!! 1555 days !!! Excellent !!!

I have that feature that allows me to keep my streak even if I don't reach my goal for one day. It costs some amount of lingots. (I forget the exact amount)

You mean Streak Freeze?


Thank you for telling me! I will think about it next time!

I will aim for your record!

there is also a weekend amulet option, it costs about 20 lingots I think and it protects your streak for the whole weekend.

I Hope i can japanese is so beautiful ❤ i know i can ❤ and thank you is it that difficult?

It's beautiful because I will be able to write in my diary in Japanese, and my brother won't be able to understand ONE WORD!!!! HAHAHA!!!!

@-Miin. Thank you! Good luck, too!

How sweet. Good luck to you!


thank you! you too!

Maybe someone here would be interested in helping me learn japanese? I really love to learn it.


if you write any questions like me on a forum, somebody answers you.

thats the one of the longest streaks i've seen your welcome for 28 lingot its your lucky day.


Thank you!

Wow! Well done! I keep doing it only for 4 days or so every time! You are very good!!

Thank you! @Aroa0321

If you continue everyday from now, I can never win you! haha!


Thank you!!!!!!

That is pretty impressive! Keep up the good work and you can achieve your goal!


Now I will do! lol

Woops!! Sorry to hear of the loss.. But 574 days!! Wow!! Great streak! :D I still hope to make it so far! (My current goal is 250). Lingots to you for the streak freezes, keep going!


Thank you! I will try again!

oh my god! 574 day, wow!! that's so long jouney. i also forget same like you, but the goal just streak 7 days, rather regret, hmm... but what can i do. hehehe.. let's continue and move on, never give up dude, don't be sad. now look, how the japanese skill that you've developed. enjoy the process.


exactly! I enjoy the process.

I shared your post with some of my friends who got upset and stopped practicing after they lost their streaks to encourage them. It's great that you're getting right back to it. And also your English is very understandable - much farther than my Japanese! Well done. がんばりましょう!


I was afraid of forgetting doing Duolingo someday. Finally, the day came. Now I don't need be nervous because I already lost my record.

And thank you for your kind word! がんばります!

thats a great streak count

Congratulations, keep it up!

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