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I am new and would like to share useful links (studying Greek)

Hi there,

I have just started to use Duolingo. It is a great tool to learn languages. I am studying with a private teacher for one hour per week for the past 8 months. Using Duolingo I would like to speed up what I learn. So far it is going great.

I use Duolingo cards: - https://tinycards.duolingo.com/decks/Gh5LJnDs/greek-words

I use English to Greek translations on Google: - https://www.google.nl/search?q=greek+to+english

I use the coolJugator for all my conjugations: - https://cooljugator.com/gr/%CE%B1%CF%81%CE%AD%CF%83%CF%89

I use wordReference for looking up certain Greek words: - http://www.wordreference.com/gren/

I also use various other websites that explain how certain grammatical rules work. Like https://www.greekgrammar.eu/pdffiles/possessive.pdf

What do you use to study?

September 22, 2018



Thank you for the links. I am fairly new to Duolingo too. I stared Learning Greek many years ago (before I had childen, and they are now 22 and 18!) I went to evening classes and used the BBC Greek language course,Greek Language and People, which I still refer back to now. I also use a book called 101 Greek verbs. I don’t use on line resources very much yet, but will have a look at your recommendations.


Check out the Greek Forum where we've gathered a nice collection of links and other information for you.



wiktionary is amazing - very thorough Greek entries, with conjugations.


You might also like Quizlet where you can not only store information but it also offers a range of Flashcards and other review options.


See also: Language: Natural: Greek: Can you give some links about Greek? [URL] https://goo.gl/kXZonX


Is Cooljugator for Greek reliable and accurate? Because for Swedish, it is absolutely not. Incorrect translations, made up verbs that do not exist, incorrect conjugations.. So if you are learning Swedish, stay as far away as possible from Cooljugator!


I haven't used it for a while for similar reasons.


I use tiny cards too, though I make my own as I go, lol


i use app.mondly.com for some of my languages.


For some reason being fluent in Physics doesn't make me fluent in Greek. /ponder

Also, thanks for the post, good stuff.


Have al look at https://www.foundalis.com/ Site of Harry Foundalis. Unfortunately very old fashioned pages, but with a very good content!


Great site. It is included in our Resources link which you will find here:

MODERN GREEK RESOURCES How to access the Greek keyboard and much more.


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