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Chinese in Duolingo

Duolingo, you really need to fix the Chinese part. I wanted to have fun in Chinese but I really couldn't because the program says I am wrong even though I am right. I speak Chinese so I know what is right or wrong. For example: 这个九十六块七毛六分:I typed in : This is ninety-six Yuan and seventy-six cents. It told me I was wrong because the right answer was: This is ninety-six point seventy-six RMB? Please fix it

September 22, 2018



Yep! the Chinese part have some much problems! I was born in China and lived there for 15 years, now I am 17. And the Chinese part is just driving me insane!


The Chinese part is pretty insane :|


This is a common complaint in the Chinese course and the constructive thing to do is to report these errors when you meet them, using the "report" button. I get frequent messages from Duolingo, that answers I've reported have now been amended, so it does work - albeit slowly.

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