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  5. "Kie estas ilia ruĝa aŭto?"

"Kie estas ilia ruĝa aŭto?"

Translation:Where is their red car?

September 22, 2018



Dude, kie estas mia aŭto?


Ĉu ili veturis ilian verdan aŭton hodiaŭ?


"Veturi" estas netransitiva kaj sigifas "iri per veturilo."


ther is no sound again


Please help spread the word that when there is no sound, this is a Duolingo issue. There is nothing that the forum participants or even the Esperanto course team can do about it. Support supposedly knows, but it may be helpful for learners to continue to file bug reports so that they know it continues to be an issue and that people care about this.

To file a bug report, go to support.duolingo.com

To hear Esperanto go to Esperanto Variety Show on YouTube.


u can report it its a little flag pic


That's for if there's a problem with the content. If the sound isn't playing at all, that's a technical problem and needs to be a bug report at support.duolingo.com

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