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I finally reached Crown Level 566. My Spanish is very functional. How are you all progressing?

September 22, 2018



Congratulations! I think that I have learned a lot of new words but I can't understand a lot of things in English yet. I hope that with more practice I will improve my English. (Please correct me if I made a mistake).


Your english is great


I am curious, was it difficult to understand contractions (can't, don't, won't, haven't) or was it easy to understand? I am learning Spanish right now, and I am making good progress :D


Sometimes, I don't understand when someone says "Can't", but I have problems with the past form of the regular verbs, I can't hear the difference between the present and the past, for example between "Finish" and "Finished".


I sometimes have a similar problem with Spanish, hearing small changes. Necesito más prática, pienso. (Correct me if I made a mistake there.)


Don't worry, it's correct.


Thanks! Sometimes I don't know what word I should use. And one thing, "tu inglés es muy bien" isn't correct, it should be "tu inglés es muy bueno" or "tu inglés está muy bien".


¡Gracias! A small problem that I see with what you said to me. The conjunction "but" is used for contrast, for difference, and in your sentence you say "Sometimes, I don't understand when someone says 'Can't', BUT I have problems..."

I think 'and' would be better, since 'but' makes me look for difference, but both parts talk about you having trouble understanding. I hope I am clear, sometimes explaining is hard :D

Other than that, ¡tu inglés es muy bien!


That was perfect English!


Muy bien. Las cosas van bien tanto en español como en francés. ¿Puedes leer esto sin usar google translate? Si es así, tu español es aún más funcional. (:


Muy bien. Sí, puedo leerlo sin traduccion de google! ¿Estudies frances y español a mismo tiempo? Cuál es tu lenguaje materna? Por mi es el danés.


You have a great Spanish, but you made some mistakes.

Estudies => Estudias Lenguaje => Lengua Por mi es el danés => La mía es el danes.


lenguaje materna ==> materno


hay diferencia entre las palabras "lenguaje", "idioma", y "lengua"? Me he encontrado usando "idioma", pero aqui todos parecen usar "lenguaje", que no sabia que era palabra significando "language". gracias


son sinónimos, significan lo mismo entre ellos


A nice indication of the similarity of the words is the Google translation of the questions. => Is there a difference between the words "language", "language", and "language"? I have found myself using "language", but here everyone seems to use "language", which I did not know was a word meaning "language"


Can you explain "entre ellos"? I know it means "between them" but that isn't something we'd say in this sentence in English.


Tengo una pregunta, por qué dice 'usar' y no 'usando'? "Without USING google translate"

Edit: Still learning some basic stuff here, hah. My understanding was that 'ando' and 'iendo' were used for ongoing actions. The way I see it, that sentence would be ongoing as in "Are you currently usING google translate to read this" or something like that.


Si, lo puedo entender.


197 for me. I can read most of what I see, and I can pronounce things fine.

I can usually understand the main point of a conversation if I'm concentrating hard on it and piece things together at the end if I'm taking notes.

I can often write things decently, but it takes me a while, and my lack of vocabulary trips me up more than anything else.

I'm atrocious in spoken conversations because I can't formulate sentences in a timely manner, or understand them in a timely manner when they're spoken to me.

I only started learning Spanish four months ago, though. So I think I'm making decent progress. I've already started using laddering with Spanish for the basics of another language I want to learn, just to force myself to think, write, and speak in Spanish more. And I think that's increased my ability with simpler stuff, but it's hard to know whether or not it's the main reason.


Keep in mind that there is an active side of language and a passive side. I don't mean grammar. When you read or listen, you are being passive and are attempting to understand Spanish that is already correct. When you write or speak, you are actually originating the language ... which is much more difficult. So don't worry about your atrocious speaking ability. It will become better as you practice. Here's a lingot from me.


Qué buena explicación.

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I'm in the same situation after almost three years lol. 69,064 XP and 419 crowns in Spanish. But I dare say it's a bit harder to learn a new language when you're older.

As a computer scientist and thus a stickler for proper grammar, it often takes me "forever" to formulate a sentence in my head then say it---which can be extremely discouraging at times.

But much to my surprise and delight, I am now finding that my "subconscious" often generates simple responses in almost real time.

It's important to note that I'm obviously not in any hurry to learn the language, as many are. I always laugh when I see products advertising "Speak Spanish in Ten Days!" or some such nonsense.

I love Duolingo and I never dreamed I'd be able to learn a language (two, actually) at no cost.


You got that right. Language requires memory. If there is a significant cognate factor, it is much easier. Facility with a language requires time. I lived in Jerusalem for four years and came away with excellent modern Hebrew. But it still wasn't perfect.


Good morning.


Memory and repetition...repetition and memory...

That is why, for me, duolingo has been great.

The program is tailored to entice the user to do as much as they want to do especially during downtimes like waiting for a oil change or a prescription to be filled.

The interface is not busy or cluttered like other online programs and like anything else worth doing it is all repetition based on enticing the end user to be enthused and not distracted after - say - a week.

To me that is the genius of the app.

Hasta luego. TR / Catskills


I'm at 113. I'm doing pretty good and slowly speaking some Spanish with my friends. Granted, it's with a French accent because of my years of studying that language, but I'm happy with how far it has gotten so far!


My biggest problem is consistency. I have been trying to learn Spanish for over a year now. I do read & speak it better; however, I find it very difficult to understand Spanish spoken in conversation. With that said, I do plan to master it, Lord's will.


Yea, me too. I just can’t hear fast enough to understand native speakers. I wonder what is their great hurry. Good luck on your efforts.


I find that watching YouTube videos is helpful for practicing listening. I'll pull up Spanish language videos -- sometimes with (Spanish) subtitles -- and then adjust the speed so that they speak slowly enough for me to understand. Then you can try listening with increased speed. I find between doing stuff like that and Duolingo's listening drills, my listening comprehension has improved some. Of course context helps; if familiar topics and situations are being discussed it's much easier to grab onto enough words to make sense of it.

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Wow, great idea!


Please define “very functional”. I’m at Spanish level 24 and can read, write an translate haltingly. I can understand the “turtle” in the type what you hear exercises but not the rapid-fire speech that seems to be the native norm. So, really, what is “very functional” mean to you? Can you understand movies in Spanish without the subtitles? I want to understand the movie “Como Agua Para Chocolate” without subtitles. That would be functional enough for this old geezer.


I initiated a conversation last month addressing "fluency." What is fluent? I asked rhetorically, but other students began to actually suggest definitions. For me, "very functional" means that I can walk downtown in my Ecuador town and chat all day with vendors and Spanish speaking friends and understand them and make myself understood. I prefer the slow speech of the exercises and often used Google Translate to "check" my work before I hit enter. I cannot understand fast-paced movies in Spanish, but I CAN follow any story or TV show by reading Spanish sub-titles. I am a work in progress but am very happy with Duolingo.


Do you do the Duolingo short stories? They are really good for conversational speed listening/comprehension--and you can repeat all the segments.


YES. I posted a separate piece on Duolingo Stories. They are fantastic.


I deleted my Spanish tree when I was around 38,000 xp and was busy doing it again when Duo gave me a surprise. Now my tree was twice as long. I love this tree and the new Duo format. One idea that I found somewhere was shadowing. That is repeat (say out loud) every sentence in Duo to get help with the flow of the language. I also found that it helps my lazy ears. Sometimes I just can't hear a sentence and I ask my wife. She assures me it is there and I try to say it again a few times, then often I can hear it plain as day. You can also shadow the Duolingo stories, esp because you can repeat a portion till it feels right. I'm at 417 crowns and working to get it done. I assume that the number 566 is my goal. Thanks for the inspiring post.


Congratulations Tim, I am at 487, but I only started in May, having done the previous (hopeless) course from French. I hope to finish around early November. Reading el país without problem. Good luck for visiting Latinamerica, which I plan to do in future.


We actually moved to Cotacachi, Ecuador two years ago. We love it.

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I think Duolingo provides all the tasty ingredients, but it takes true immersion---like living in Ecuador---to make the cake. Looking forward to moving to México in a few years!


I am progressing very well. Here is a conversation with my teacher: Me- Hola, buenas tardes Señora Vázquez. Teacher- Hola buenas tardes. Me- Como estas? Teacher- Estoy bien. Me-Disculpe, Hasta Manana.


Keep it up bruv!!!


Wow that is impressive! I am at crown level 14 in Spanish so I have a long way to go.


Crown level 14 at lvl 14 Spanish Course? I think you need to make some lessons golden, cause it sure sounds like you're skipping a lot


Crowns 118, but despite going for over 200 days there are still 72 untouched topics on the new tree..... Trying to do a little bit each day rather than blitzing when I have more time. Seems to be working because the areas I have studied have stuck pretty well. Any extra time I use looking at other resources, youtube channels recommended on here etc. One thing I recently found great to work on was a 'flight magazine' that I took from an aircraft I flew on to a Spanish speaking destination. The articles were in both Spanish and English (not literal word for word translations but translated idiomatically). I was surprised how much I could follow directly from the Spanish and also learnt some new colloquial phrases by cross referencing with the English.


I'm smiling because I did the same thing with flight magazines. I also go online and read daily news on BBC Mundo.


Congratulations, that is such an amazing achievement! Also, right now, I'm on crown level 66, my aim is to get 100 soon!


congratulations, well done! that is such a great accomplishment!


Congratulations! I am fairly new here, as I've only been studying for a bit over a month, and I am starting Spanish from scratch. I knew nothing when I started. I'm at crown level 70. I can't even imagine getting to level 566. You've given me so much inspiration! Thanks so very much for posting! :)


Great work! Just curious.... Does that mean you finished the Spanish tree and earned the Duo Owl? Did you "test out" of some lessons?


YES. The tree is finished and I got the owl. LOL I tested out of most of the levels as I had already worked through the system completely before they expanded it to its current form.


I am only on crown level 18. I already know spanish because i was born speaking it, but I lost my spanish touch. im trying to learn more. Anyway, I am very happy for you!


Thank you all for your comments. I should mention that I had a 413 day streak broken when we moved here in Ecuador and were without internet. LOL Oh well.


Hi Tim,

cool! What an achievement.

Have you used the "A/B skill crown level test-out" or have you gone through all lessons and crown levels sequentially?

Wow, you are very high in the top duome.eu ranking list: https://duome.eu/en/es

First you need to order by "crowns" DESC (click two times) as the default order is a bit different.

Have fun with the EN->SP (ES<-EN: from Spanish) reverse tree if you have plans to start it.

How easy are the 150 Spanish Duolingo stories for your current level?

Wish you all the best.
Have fun!

Best regards / Viele Grüße


I can't find myself on any list. I didn't know they existed. LOL I have actually completed five other languages at the doctoral level ... long before Duolingo was invented. Thanks for your kind words.


Wow, well done, I'm at 78 and the Spanish I watch on you tube is getting easier to follow, reading it is also starting to happen more organically. Speech is still a struggle but I am turning every step gold, normally with skips but sometimes working through depending on how easily the lessons stick. normally my achillies heel is spelling, I'm no expert in English. :)


Likewise. I have read a number of novels, and have many more on my list. There are also numerous zarzuelas on YouTube, and audio versions of novels. And lots of TV and some local friends.


Buenos dias.

Felicidades a ti! Que otros sitios web recomendarias? Gracias en avanzar. TR / Catskills


Thanks Tony the Fisherman. I don't use other websites. I did work my way through the expensive version (5 levels) of Rosetta Stone. It's fantastic, but expensive. I also am a big fan of the Great Courses and have "Learning Spanish: How to Understand and Speak a New Language," by Dr. Bill Worden. I have the video download of Part One and intend to buy Part Two. These are real college courses that explain all the grammar behind proper usage. I also have an old Spanish grammar book that I find very useful. Living in Ecuador allows me to reinforce my learning every day. I won't be statisfied until I can read great literary works originally penned in Spanish. Here's a lingot. Buena suerte en tu próximo viaje de pesca.


Bien. Español es mi idioma favorito ahora mismo, y estoy al nível A2 (did I make any mistakes?)


That's pretty good . Some minor corrections:

Bien. "El" español es mi idioma favorito ahora mismo, y estoy "en el" nível A2


Thanks. I thought I typed “en el” but I guess not.


Congrats! I have been practicing Portuguese and Chinese. Portuguese is quite similar to my mother tong Spanish and Chinese couldn't be more different.


Congrats! I am at crown level 30 in Spanish. Just recently started.


Es mi 95. Yo leo 30 minuto todos dias y puedo escribir este. Me gusto este duolingo. It is just nice site to learn spanish. Reading other sites also help to learn.


I am at crown level 464.. only a few lessons short of having the whole tree at level 4. I am going to stop there. The new system does not give you any way to gauge what lessons you have or have not worked on. So stopping at level 4.. I can use the count of lessons practices to level 5 as a sort of tally for lessons that I have practiced and those that I have not. I don't like that once you get to level 5, you have no way of knowing what lessons you might need to work on more.

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I agree. It would be nice if there was some decay at Level 5 over time---like there was in the old days. I personally wouldn't be surprised if they bring back this popular feature, so I plan to slowly build toward level 5 after my whole tree is at Level 4.


Wow congratulations! I've just started so great to hear of someone who has gone so far.


I started about 3 weeks ago and I'm on crown level 38 for Spanish


I just want to say that whenever you post, I am awed by your commitment. One language 566 crown level, insane. Good job!


Felicidades @H2wk3ye


Estoy en nivel 287 de las coronas. Todavía tengo mucho trabajo que hacer.


there were times when I felt I wasn't comprehending or progressing, but as I progress I find myself forming the sentences when I need to. I have had a couple of Spanish speaking friends ask me a question or two in Spanish, and have been able to translate and reply (slowly) back.. when I have to write a sentence in Spanish while using duolingo, and I get a "you are correct" green, I am so excited, and it proves to me that I am in fact comprehending this stuff! congrats on your level achievement!


I am smiling because I love that GREEN DING when I get it right. Language learning is all about memory. The more exposure the more it becomes "second nature." Stick with it.


My spanish is moving along greatly after only 1 work of a lot of work

[deactivated user]

    Felicitaciones Senor


    Crown 62 here and progressing nicely. There still a lot of ground to cover though.


    No se, las lecciones en duo son facil, pero no hablo o oir espanol bien.


    What language do you take?


    Congratulations! pretetested out of about 31 spanish, 13 on Italian and 0 on French levels, I’m an A1 user. I completed Spanish 1 and am in Spanish 2 this year


    I completed Spanish 2 and I am moving on to Spanish 3 this year, but I just started duolingo a few weeks ago, so I am only on crown level 39

    [deactivated user]

      Way to go! I have 21 lessons remaining to move from level 4 to level 5....so give me a few weeks more!


      I’m progressing well. I reached B1 today!


      That's impressive. I'm only at crown level 135


      Do you Learn English?


      Congratulations! Did you achieve this solely through Duolingo?


      Only crown level 36 here, but I've only been doing the Spanish course for three days, I think. I'm level 10 already though since I like to gold stuff I've already done once I get a few lessons past it!


      You have encouraged me. I'm at Level 150. And get frustrated because I'm doing OK on lessons, but not understanding people, or radio, or Extra en Espanol (YouTube).

      Learn Spanish in just 5 minutes a day. For free.