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"yInwI'mey chu', tayqeqmey chu' je DInejtaH."

Translation:We are looking for new living things and new civilizations.

September 22, 2018



I get that this sentence is only inspired by the opening monologue to Star Trek. However, a better, actual translation would be

yIn chu' tayqeq chu' je nej
It [the starship Enterprise] seeks new life and new civilizations.


And to boldly go where no Klingon has gone before? And I slightly disagree with your version of the ooening monologue. The mission isn't the ship's (it) it's the ship's crew (they or as it is in the monologue 'us') as in 'Our 5 year mission to seek out new life and new civilations.'


Grammatically, that is not the case.


You are totally right. My memory of the opening monologue was incorrect.

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