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  5. "My shoes are red."

"My shoes are red."

Translation:Mes chaussures sont rouges.

March 31, 2013



What's the difference between chaussures and chausseurs?


"un chausseur" is a man making shoes.


Mes? Why is mon not accepted?


"mon" is masculine singulier.

chaussures is feminine plural, so the matching possessive adjective is "mes"


Oh of course. Thank you


Where did mes come from? I got the answer correct but dulingo stated that ma is the female for my.


In grammatical terms, the French language has genders, masculine and feminine, and numbers, singular or plural.

"My" can translate to:

  • ma, feminine singular, before a feminine singular noun starting with a consonant
  • mon, masculine singular, before a masculine singular noun.
  • mon, before a feminine singular noun starting with a vowel sound, to avoid the vowel sound conflict
  • mes, before any plural noun.

As a consequence, the French possessive adjectives, just like all other adjectives, agree with the noun they modify, which is the thing possessed, not the owner.

"Chaussure" is a feminine singular noun and the possessive is "ma chaussure" = my shoe

"Chaussures" is a plural noun and the possessive is "mes chaussures" = my shoes


I got exactly what it says the answer is but its telling me that I am wrong???


Why can't I use "souliers"?


You will sound Canadian if you use "souliers". The French noun for "shoes" is "chaussures".

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