La frutta o il frutto??

I came across this tonight; They consider the tomato a fruit. I thought it would be; considerano il pomodoro una frutta. But ,the correct answer is "considerano il pomodoro un frutto. Is this because the tomato is male?

September 23, 2018


"Frutta" is fruit, in general. It's the category of food labeled "fruit," or a collection of fruit (as in a tray or a basket). It's invariable (not countable).

"Frutto" is a single fruit (i.e one apple, orange, etc.). A masculine noun. Countable. Plural "Frutti."


September 23, 2018

Mille grazie diecidieci. Una spiegazione eccellente.

September 23, 2018

Frutta is the collective name of fruit as a food.
But when speaking of fruits (plural), the masculin form is used: frutti.

  • Mi piace tutta la frutta. = I like every (type of) fruit.

  • Dove compri la frutta? = Where do you buy fruit?

  • Che frutta è questa? = What fruit is this?


  • Gli alberi sono carichi di frutti. = The trees are laden with fruits.

  • Questo albero non fa frutti. = This tree does not grow fruits.

Also in figurative sense:

  • I frutti del suo lavoro. = The fruits (results) of his/her work.

the correct answer is "considerano il pomodoro un frutto"

This is questionable, because by saying il pomodoro in this sentence, we mean "tomato" as a fruit category (not a single tomato), so in my own opinion, ...considerano il pomodoro una frutta would be more correct.
On grammatical grounds, ...considerano il pomodoro un frutto means "they consider the (single) tomato as a fruit", which is not wrong itself, but it does not convey the idea that "every tomato is a fruit" (as it should).

September 23, 2018
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