"Panggil dan kumpulkan anak-anakmu."

Translation:Call and gather your children.

September 23, 2018

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An example of a situation could be: you were taking your 3 young children to the zoo. Having fun in the zoo, your children were scattered in different parts of the zoo. The zookeeper informed you that the monkey show would begin shortly and advised that you "call and gather your children" to go to the show.


Can the -mu suffix here refer to a plural possessor, e.g. "kalian"?

I ask because I learned recently that the -nya suffix can refer to both singular and plural third-person possessors, i.e. dia and mereka.

And what about -ku? Can it ever refer to our or is it always strictly my?

Any other info about object/possessive suffixes it would be good to know?


Can anyone give a situation where you would use this phrase? Thanks.


You may not use the exact phrase, but when more fluent you may read, hear or use those words in similar context. Each part of the sentence is familiar to me from prior use.


And I thought "shoot his foot" and "attack!" were dark...


How about "Call and assemble your children."?

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