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  5. I finished the German tree!


I finished the German tree!

It has been nearly fourteen months coming, but I have finally finished the German tree and gotten the golden owl. Next steps: Get the entire tree gold, and do the reverse tree. :D

I am so damn happy right now.

September 23, 2018



Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deiner Leistung!

You were one of the first people I followed (can't remember why) and your consistently high level of activity encouraged me to push myself harder than I would have otherwise. It's a shame that Duo doesn't provide a way for people to communicate with one another other than here (to my knowledge anyway).

I finished my tree about 3 months ago, and have two pointers...

  1. The upper parts of the tree are unhelpfully repetitive and it really only makes sense to continue spending time on the lower parts of the tree (from about the "Future 2" lesson onwards).

  2. I recently contacted a local private instructer and asked to be placed in one of her classes. After testing me, I was happy to find that she placed me in her most advanced class - "German Conversation". So far, I've learned that compared to other students, I've got a pretty good command of vocabulary, but my grammar is awful. Nearly every sentence I speak contains an error. The most frequent mistakes are noun gender (e.g. Was ist der Unterschied schwischen...) and prepositions (e.g. "Move the computer to the corner" = Bewege den Computer in die Ecke).


Oh wow thanks, I had no idea my activity particularly affected anyone. Thank you for the tips. :) I have already managed to test out of the basics to level 5 as it never got any harder, and will hopefully follow suit with the top part of the tree soon. I am working on slowly progressing each skill up another level to try and learn them properly. Yes, the grammar can be an absolute nightmare and Duo definitely has its limitations there, so it's something I'll need to practice using other materials. Belated congrats on finishing your tree as well!



Two more suggestions:

Duo Stories is worth your time once you've completed the tree. The stories contain a lot of vocabulary that doesn't appear in the tree. I'm finding it helpful to read the stories at least three times.

hellolingo.com allows you to text-chat with others in German. I'm finding it very challenging and a good way to expose my weaknesses. Maybe I'll bump into you there - on that platform I'm "Karl M".


Thanks very much, I'll be sure to check out the link and do the stories. :)


I just gave you 27 lingots


Congrats! I was in your place a long time ago and I'm now working towards making my entire tree gold and passing the B2 Goethe exam to get the certificate!

Way to go!


Herzlichen Glückwunsch und viel Erfolg und Spaß bei deinen nächsten Zielen! : )


Vielen Dank! Ich hoffe, dass ich in Zukunft mein Deutsch verbessern kann! :)


Hallo LFG

Wenn Du den Sprachbaum "Deutsch für Englischsprachige" abgearbeitet hast, könntest Du nun den Duolingo-Sprachbaum "Englisch für Deutschsprachige" wählen. Das wäre eine gute Wiederholung Deines deutschen Wortschatzes. Du müsstest so umgekehrt übersetzen. Dadurch erhöht sich Dein aktiver Wortschatz im Deutschen.

Für Deutschsprachige gibt es noch weitere Sprachen, die Du gleich mitlernen könntest durch diese Repetition des Deutschen, nämlich "Französisch für Deutschsprachige" und "Spanisch für Deutschsprachige".

Weiter gibt es "Deutsch für Italienischsprachige" und "Deutsch für Spanischsprachige" sowie "Deutsch für Französischsprachige".

Es macht wirklich viel Spaß und vertieft den Wortschatz! Liebe Grüße aus der Schweiz, Dinoma77


Danke für die information!


Nice achievement! Congrats!

Could you share if you were able to enjoy speaking German in a community? My goal is also to get some fluency in German.


Thank you! :) I don't really have a community as such. However, the reason I started learning was because I have a Swiss-German friend very dear to me. I visited her in Switzerland and was inspired to start learning German from that. I have done little things like writing her a birthday card in German. I was also in Switzerland recently and managed to do some simple things like buy a bus ticket. :D Soon I will be going on holiday to Austria, so we'll see how I do there. :) (though from what I understand it's slightly different there)


Switzerland is a very nice country in terms of languages and a great country to visit. I was going 50/50 with French and German there, but was also able to speak Spanish and Portuguese with people working there. Regarding Austria, I find that they have a more pronounced sense of humour.


That's amazing! So many languages! :D I'm looking forward to finding out what Austria's all about. Switzerland was looovely. I was in Thun with the mountains and the lake and it was such a beautiful place.


congratulations! I hope I can achieve the same goals. But it seems very long way, 14 months! I am in week 3 and level 13 in German. But it seems in higher levels it will slow down. Also I'm worry about sufficiency of German skills in achievement of level 25. Maybe a suitable measure is German international tests.. maybe you can help us to have a preview. thnx


It honestly depends on how quickly you go through it. I know I took my time with the German tree. Went through it slowly, lost my streak and had a gap of a couple of months when I just didn't do it much, then got back into it again and finished it. I wouldn't bank on level 25 meaning much, it's just a measure of XP more than anything else.




Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!


cool! i'm just starting haha


Thanks and good luck! :)


Herzlichen Glückwunsch :)


Glückwunsch das ist toll


congrats !!!! keep on strong !!


Congratulations! I hope that you understand German better than I.


Good for you! Best of luck on reaching lvl 25 and making the tree golden!


Thank you! :D Bring on the next challenge!


Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Ich lerne Deutsch seit 9 Jahren, und DL hat mir viel geholfen!

  • Willst du dein Deutsch üben und benutzen? :



Danke für die Information!


What is the whole tree gold? bzw. Was ist der gesamte Baum Gold?


Jeder Lektion hat 5 Stufe. Wenn alle Lektionen im Baum auf Stufe 5 sind (Gold), dann ist den Baum Gold.


Herzliche Glückwünsche!

I'm gonna join your German group tonight.


Gute Arbeit! Herzlichen Glückwunsch und weiter so!


how good are you able to converse in German now?


I can converse in German in a basic way. It would still be difficult to follow a conversation by a group of fast German speakers, but I could do some simple things like order a coffee, buy a bus ticket, etc. in a German-speaking country.


On which Level did you reached in German now ?


Do you mean the language levels? A1, A2 etc? I haven't really measured myself against those but I'd wager somewhere quite low down, no higher than A2.


I want to reach B1 in 6 months.can you suggest me the best methods ?


I would love to, but I'm not yet there myself! Perhaps someone more advanced than me can suggest something?


Kein Problem.Dankeschön.:)


Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Weiter so.


Congratulations! I managed to finish or reach level 1 of every skill, but I haven't gotten the gold owl.


Congratulations, :)


congratulations! how can i realise the samne goal? :)


Thank you! And the key to success is continued motivation and dedication. Remind yourself of the reason why you're learning a new language. And practice every day, even if it's just a small amount, it still gets you closer to that goal. You can do it!


Yeah! I also finished the German tree... by taking tests, since it is so similar to English...


du kanst mit mir jetz duesche sprechen.


What is a "tree"? Is that a section before you pass a checkpoint/take a shortcut? Also, what does it mean to do the "reverse tree"?


When you finish a 'tree' it means you finished all the skills in a course. The 'reverse tree' is something you can do afterwards to challenge yourself. You take the languages and flip them around. For example: I finished the German from English course, so the reverse tree would be the English from German course. It tests you by making you translate into the language you're learning more.


Merci! Duolingo will offer me this reverse tree when I finish my French tree, or do I need to request it?


No, Duo does not offer your the reverse course. You have to become active yourself.

Edit: By the way, you can start the reverse course any time, you do not have to wait until you have finished your other course. : )


Congrats! That's some determination and very inspiring. I'm currently in the process of learning norwegian (just ended up here to see if I can help people out in learning german as there are so many helpful users in the norwegian tree that I wanted to give something back to the community) and I hope to reach Level 25 in norwegian some day...

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