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  5. "लड़कियों के सेब।"

"लड़कियों के सेब।"

अनुवाद:The girls' apples.

May 7, 2014

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Tell me what is apostrophy


The 'apostrophe' ( ' ) has two main uses in English:

Use 1

  • To indicate that something belongs to someone. For ex - "Varun's book" shows that the book belongs to Varun. In Hindi this is "वरुण की किताब". Other examples are "the man's apples", "a boy's shirt", "Rohan's hand etc.

  • When a word is in the plural form and ends with 's', we put the apostrophe after the 's', like in the above sentence. The above sentence says "The girls' apples". The apostrophe after the 's' shows that 'girls' is in the plural form. Because if you write "The girl's apples" it would mean that the apples belong only to one girl. Examples for this kind of use are "the boys' shirts", "the dogs' food" etc. But if the plural doesn't end with 's', you don't need to use this rule. Ex - "the men's hats", "the women's dresses". Here even though "men" and "women" are plural, because they don't end in 's' you can follow the first rule.

Use 2

  • The other use of an apostrophe is to indicate the omission of letters, or in simple words some letters in a word are removed and are replaced by an apostrophe. "Contractions" are very common in English and I must have used them a few times already in this comment. :)

Here are a few contractions where an apostrophe replaces the omitted words:

  • I'm - I am - मैं हूँ
  • You're - You are - आप हैं
  • Don't - Do not - न करना
  • Can't - Can not - नहीं कर सकते
  • We're - We are - हम हैं

Hope this helps. If you didn't understand, I can give you a simpler answer. :)


It should be "वरुण का किताब" in this case, as Varun usually refers to a male's name!


In Hindi, the possessive pronoun should agree with the gender of the object owned, rather than the gender of the person or thing that possesses the object. Here since "किताब" is feminine, you say ""वरुण की किताब।"

You can read this page for further proof.


Oh... that does make sense... thanks for the response LeMaitre!!


Tell me what is ' for example your's


Actually the word 'your's' doesn't exist in the English dictionary. It may be used sometimes, even by native speakers, but it is wrong. The correct way to write this is 'yours', without an apostrophe. See this link for more information


Why is "The girls' apple" wrong?


The use of के here tells us that सेब must be plural.

  • लड़कियों का सेब - the girls' apple (multiple girls, one single apple)
  • लड़कियों के सेब - the girls' apples (multiple girls, multiple apples)


"The girl's apples " why are this answer is wrong help me


It's the same reason as your question here.


What is this- the girls apples this is rong app.


the translation is wrong it should be the apples of the girls and if u want to say the girl's apple then it will be ladki ka seb soory dont have a hindi input

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