"Your shoe is not taken by us."

Translation:Sepatumu tidak dibawa oleh kami.

September 23, 2018

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Why is "diambil" not accepted here? "Diambil" was introduced earlier as "brought" not "taken".


Bawa usually implies taken away (take this money to your brother's house), ambil is simply to take (e,g. take the milk to the table) but not to take away.


Good clarification - thank you


Should the english sentence not be take away then to make it more clear.


I'm afraid @lockers001 swapped the definitions... "Bawa" means "to physically relocate something from location A to location B", according to KBBI. That's why "bawa" or "membawa" is often translated as either "bring", "carry", or "take".

One of the definitions of "ambil" is "to seize" (i.e. synonym of "menjemput"). If you replace "dibawa" with "deambil", the altered sentence is talking about who the stealer of your shoe is. And I do believe that the English sentence can be interpreted like this too.


Thank you MsFixer - that is one of the best clarifications of the difference between "ambil" and :"bawa" - really helpful !


i was confused by bawa. which earlier was given to us as brought


Diambil is taught as taken so I have used it but been marked incorrect because I should have used dibawa which means brought. Duolingo should be more consistent.

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