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  5. "You are our hope."

"You are our hope."

Translation:Tú eres nuestra esperanza.

March 31, 2013



Ayudeme Obi-Wan Kenobi, usted es mi única esperanza.


No es justo, yo iba a escribir eso.


Vine aquí para esto, gracias.


So it can't be nuestro, aye?


Nay, because "nuestro/a" is an adjective that must agree with the noun it modifies, "esperanza". Since "esperanza" is feminine, it needs to be "nuestra". It doesn't depend on who's talking.


Yeah, I figured it out after I wrote this but I still appreciate your response. :)


I've heard that nuestro is an adjective before, but isn't it a possesive noun? like your, my, his, her, it is just our. I don't remember learning them to be adjectives in any other language.


Why is it "es" and not "estas?"


Um.. the way I look at it, "hope" is being used as a characteristic, and when you speak about someone's trait or someone being something (e.g. a doctor, teacher, worker), you use "ser".


The option given by DL was "Tú estas nuestra esperanza." Note that the verb "estás" has an accent; "estas" without an accent means "these". I suspect that the lack of accent is the only reason why this option is wrong, though I wouldn't swear to it. (The correct option was "Tú eres nuestra esperanza.")


¿Ataque por titanes?


why not "tu es" ? why "usted es" is ok but "tu es" is bad, while "tu eres" is good


The accepted ones are appropriate conjugations of "ser" for their respective subject pronouns, and "tu es" isn't, it's mixing second person formal verb conjugation with a second person informal subject. It's similar to saying something like "you is our hope" in English.


Hola Amigos, donpeor and ggoof thejungle: You would have to get a verb conjugation book or an online site that shows conjugations to get the whole answer, but I can give you the short answer: The verb changes with the person. So, if you are talking to a friend or a child, for instance, to say "You are our hope". you would say: "Tú eres nuestra esperanza"; if you were talking to a stranger, to your boss, in a formal situation, to say "You are our hope". you would say: "Usted es nuestra esperanza".

[deactivated user]


    Why is this a form of "ser" and not a form of "estar?" Is this considered a permanent characteristic?


    Instead of differentiating ser and estar by permanence, look at it as either a characteristic or a state. State = estado = past participle of estar.


    "Ser" is commonly used with characteristics in general. For example you might say "eres flaco" even though a person can gain weight, they might not stay skinny forever, you'd probably still use "ser" though since its a characteristic.


    Mi esperanza es ser un musico tan bueno como Esperanza Spalding


    It's easy for me to remember esperanza = hope because of the book Esperanza rising (it's the same of a person).


    Why not: Eres esperanza nuestra


    Why is it Ustedes instead of Usted?


    Without context, there is no way to know how to translate this. You could technically say both "usted es" or "ustedes son" for "you are" because we can use "you" to refer to both a single person and a group of people. "ustedes" is used to refer to a group of people, while "usted" is used to talk to a single person.


    DL wrote that it heard me say "Vos sos nuestra esperanza" and marked it correct. Besides "sos" should be "sois", I spoke the correct Ud. answer very clearly. Just saying.


    Sus respuestas no lo que mismo el problema


    Is 'eres la nuestra esperanza' wrong? Can't you have article with personal pronouns in Spanish?


    Because it doesn't make sense, it's the same as in English. Your sentence says "you are the our hope". When we add in the possessive adjective (mi, tu, nuestro/a, etc...) the article is not needed.


    Actually, the quote is "You're my only hope."


    "Estas nuestra esperanza" not accepted! Why? Also, the other correct answer given was, "Sos nuestra esperanza". Where the heck did SOS come from?


    This is more like a description/characteristic, so it should be "ser" not "estar".

    "sos" is the "vos" form of "ser", it's like saying "tu eres", the "vos" form is mainly used around Argentina



    Eres nuestra sola esperanza - Surely this should be accepted?


    Tú estas nuestra esperanza

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