I am New ;)

Hello everyone.

I am new here to learn french, i need some advise from those have been here for longer.

  • How many lesson per day do you guys suggest?
  • How long is the best to spend here to learn per day?

i have calculated all the lesson in french here which are almost 345 lessons, so if i go 1 per day will take almost a year, Do u think i will be able to speak after that?

Thank you.

May 7, 2014


It really depends on how fast you want to learn it.

I managed to do about 1-2 hours a day of duolingo and finish the whole tree in two months (for Spanish). And I didn't feel all that explosive afterwards! When going fast, you have to also do much more strengthen skills.

But for a standard, relaxed learning, you'd totally finish within a year by doing something like 1-3 lessons a day. (Considering there are on average 3-4 lessons per skill, and that there are about 70 skills, this should have you finish your tree in four months)

Spend the rest of your time, once you are done duolingo, strengthening your skills, and using the language: SPEAK to people, WATCH movies, READ books in the language. That will make you literally speak the language and have conversations with ease.

I also really recommend memrise for vocabulary. That thing boosts it with near zero mental effort. Literally. But I also only recommend that once you are done with duo.

What matters most is that you don't get discouraged, and continue everyday until you finish it. Keep your streak up! NO ZERO DAYS! Always some progress :D

When you will be done your tree, your knowladge of the language should be around intermediate. You will know most of the logical sentence forming (grammer, conjugation) that there is to know, and thanks to duolingo, you won't have to know it thru a list of rules but instead it be natural for you whenever you try to form sentences.

More importantly, speaking is applying. Try to apply what you learn and create discussions with yourself, in your mind, or translate things that you see. Quickly you will find this becoming a habit. This is important for you to easily create sentences, and will help you tremendously when trying to speak with somebody. Try also speaking with somebody as soon as possible. Everytime you will do so, you will be even better at it!

BTW, I'm a fluent french speaker, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask me ;)

Bonne chance!

May 7, 2014

Actually, I think Duolingo and Memrise side-by-side works well. Especially when you find Memrise courses designed for Duolingo, like this one:

Here's the handful of ready-made Duolingo French courses on Memrise that I managed to find:

May 7, 2014

Thank you... useful info,,,, home i can do it everyday... i will try my best,,,

May 7, 2014

Like Desmond, I am older and have had some experience with French when I was younger. I have never studied Spanish. I used Duolingo differently to learn Spanish than French. I do like to go over the basics of Spanish over and over until it is easy. I am at Level 10, but haven't moved very far down my Tree, but I feel like I have a good understanding and the subject pronouns and their verbs are matching up together. I like to review a lot. I guess my advice is, don't get caught up in trying to finish things quickly. It is a temptation, but go slowly and make sure you really grasp a lesson before moving to the next topic. Bonne chance!

May 7, 2014

It depends on how you like to learn. I like to reinforce what I already know, so often I will go for up to as many as 3 or 4 days without learning a new skill, only strengthening everything I already know (approx. 150-350 experience a day per language).

Note that I only do this when the next skill introduces new grammar. I suggest that when a new lesson is just vocabulary you just breeze through it, vocabulary is relatively easy. It's grammar that's most likely going to make you stumble.

May 7, 2014

I started out with pretty much zero French. I find that 2-3 new lessons per day, plus 1 or 2 "strengthen skills" lessons, works pretty well for me. I'm continually learning something new, but not so much as to overwhelm me, and I'm also trying to retain what I've already learned. Everybody will have their own balance, but that seems to work for me.

One bit of advice I will add: besides doing the general "Strengthen Skills" lessons, if there's a skill that you have a hard time getting through it's a good idea to strengthen that skill in particular. If you look back at what you've done so far and see a skill that you remember having trouble with, that's one it's worth going back and strengthening.

May 7, 2014

Thank you Tom... :D i hope one day i will also have 68 days streak. I WILL DO IT... Thanks again,

May 7, 2014

I am currently learning French in highschool, but our school goes by semester programs so we have a period of time where I don't get class time. I have done a lot of work on the side as it is my goal to one day be fluent. I am in my third year, and I believe that without my previous lessons and work on my own, Duolingo would be very confusing. Duolingo does not explain things, and you are left to figure things out own your own. Luckily other DL users are very helpful, and there are many websites out there that can answer your questions!

Anyway, back to your original post, I recommend doing at least two lessons a day, but if you feel in a mood to do more, do as many as you can! Some days I do ten or more, some days I do one just to keep my streak going. Make sure you review the skills you have learned frequently. I try to do a balance of keeping my old skills gold and learning new skills. Don't get discouraged if you run out of hearts or if it takes four or more tries to learn a skill or if is hard to make that lesson gold again. Learning a language is hard and nobody is perfect, the more times you are forced to do a skill the better you will remember it!

As for fluency, this will take time. Make sure you practice every day! That is very important. Even if you are traveling or are somewhere where you cannot take the time to officially study, review things you have learned in your head. You can say things such as 'I am hungry', 'my name is....', 'I want a cat' , ' it is warm out'. You can also identify objects in a room/outside, such as car, tree, bread, apple, dress, dog, hand, window. See how high you can count. Tell the time. Recite the days of the week. Get into the habit of thinking in French, as this will help you on your goal toward fluency.

Don't use DL alone. Over time it will get probably get boring and you will lose your motivation. Studies have shown (and I fully agree) that you should use many different methods to learn a language. Mix up your routine every day. I have found some great online French radio stations, it's very cool to hear the advertisements! Also watch tv shows/movies in French with English subtitles, and when you're ready, French subtitles. Once you build up some vocabulary try reading French children's books or newspapers. Make it fun! By staying motivated and praciting everyday, you will improve a lot! Hope this helps!

May 8, 2014

Thank yoooooooooooooooooooooooou.

May 8, 2014

Thank you guys.... you all awesome... many useful comments in a short time make me feel like wanna do it more and more... thank you all again...

May 7, 2014

I only do about two lessons a day depending on how much time I have or if I am translating.

May 8, 2014

I will give you my opinion.I personally, like to strengthen skills first everyday so I can remember them well. After that, if you still want to do more French, trying a new lesson is good, at least in my opinion.

May 9, 2014

Im doing the same now, last 4 days i done only 3 lesson not even first skill done, i want to master them first then move on... try to go slow but effective...

May 9, 2014

Hi I'm lowen pearwee

May 9, 2014


May 9, 2014

YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT A REPLY!!!!! Lol

May 28, 2014

Probably 2 to 3 lessons at first, then progress..... And i usually earn 2 to 3 lingots a day......

May 11, 2014

You spelled advice wrong. Jk lol (actually you did, but nobody cares :P)

May 28, 2014
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