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Light bulb not working anymore

suddenly my lightbulb I not working anymore. please fix. I just get an empty entry in firefox, in chorme i dont even get a lightblub icon.

September 23, 2018



what lightbulb do you mean? that may be a stupid question,but im stupid aswell.


oh i mean the grammar thing in chinese. i think it got reworked because for the very first lessons i get very nice ones with pictures and stuff that i dont remember but for the one i was working on the grammar disappered :/


So, now the grammar icon (lightbulb) is removed from the grammar lessons. I see that it is reworked at the moment, but why couldn't you guys leave the old grammar stuff for the lessons that are not updated. Its really messing up my learning schedule. Besides that you can guys add some grammar learning feature. I really enjoy the grammar parts, but it can be a hazzel to find a particular gammar part. let's say for example if sentences. ru gou..... but you are not sure where it was hiding under what lesson. so some feauters to make that easier accessable or grammar learning feature.

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