"Our principal has high standards."


September 23, 2018



”我们校长的要求很高” 应该也行。其实,按照我很不完善的语言感觉这种说法比范例句子合适。母语者同学们觉得怎么样?

September 23, 2018


Not bad, but the vocabularies and writing styles need to be improved. The point is to avoid long/run-on Chinese sentences that make the readers spend more time in deciphering and checking whether or not the meanings are sensible. Unlike English sentences, Chinese sentences are translated via appropriate "flow" of the meanings, which is to prevent any possible misunderstanding in Chinese language.



Note: I see that your 母语者同学们觉得怎么样? mean "What do you think, native speakers?" However, it is not practical to ask "W-and-H" question like that since you are actually offering feedback about your suggestion. In this case, it is safe to exclude this sentence and end with your comment. It can be possible to express that as 讓母語人看看。 ;however, this is not necessary since it's more appropriate to consider "general people" as the audience.


September 24, 2018
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