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Course Suggestions

Hi guys, and specifically people involved in the development of the mandarin course, I have a few suggestions for the course. I've been learning Mandarin for a few years now, and while I only use the duolingo course for review, I do have an idea as to how you could improve the character learning system. For a start, give the semantic meaning of a character during the task where you're supposed to select a pronunciation. This'll improve reading comprehension and help people learn the characters more easily. Secondly, it would be nice if when matching characters with their pinyin counterparts, we could get a little pop up or something that defines the word, so that you can more easily remember the meaning of things, rather than just the sound. These are just my thoughts but I'd be ecstatic to see them implemented. Thanks! -smokey2022

September 23, 2018



Thank you for a wonderful suggestion! Your proposal should be realized! ...By the way, I am a Japanese! Would you be my good friend if you don't mind?


This is so needed!

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