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"Nós sentamos naquelas cadeiras."

Translation:We sit on those chairs.

March 31, 2013




Another correct solution: "We sit down in those chairs"


I think the correct translations for "we sit down in those chairs " would be "nós sentamo-nos naquelas cadeiras" using the reflexive, but i could be wrong...


"we sit on those chairs" accepted now


Why does "sat" work here? It's past tense.


It just so happens that for first person plural (we/nós) present tense and past tense are the same for "sentar" (and for many other verbs). http://www.conjuga-me.net/verbo-sentar


We sit on those chairs should surely be accepted?


I agree... I wrote the same thing and got it wrong...


Does anyone else find it a bit odd to use "naquela" - which I understand to refer to distant objects - to refer to a chair which the speaker is currently sitting in? Surely "nestas" is a bit more likely?


No, because the Portuguese sentence means that they intend to sit on the chairs, not that they are already seated. A more accurate (but less literal) translation would be "let's go sit on those chairs". If you wanted to say you were already seated, you would say "nós estamos sentados nestas cadeiras" (and yes, in this case it would make no sense to say "naquelas").


If this is supposed to be present tense, then the correct translation is, "we sit on those chairs." Sat is past tense.


Yeah, but you will notice that for first person plural (we), the present tense and the past tense are most of the time the same.


Yeah, I just thought it was weird because it was in the present tense exercises.


Yes, well it's difficult for the programmers of Duolingo, as you might well imagine.


Isnt this a reflexive verb sentar-se? Then it should be (NÓS) NOS SENTAMOS. or can sentar-se be used(maybe not completely correct) without the reflexive pronoun?On that note,some brasilian teacher told me that to marry should be casar-se but colloquially people say just casar.


As per all dictionaries I checked.sentar is a transitive verb,needs an object..to sit somebody somewhere...if somebody sits down it should be reflexive ele se senta.... I suspect everyday use in BR is different from the dictionary rules.?


Why isn't "We are seated in those chairs" an acceptable answer?

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