"Hati saya tertutup bagi kamu."

Translation:My heart is closed for you.

September 24, 2018

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Does this mean close to "My heart is closed (to others, it only has room for you)" or "My heart is closed (so that you cannot get in)"

If it's the latter, it should be "My heart is closed TO you"


It means the second one. "My heart is closed (so that you can't get in)". Sometimes, it can also mean that you won't have mercy on someone, like as if close-minded can mean that you won't be understanding to something, close-hearted can mean that you won't use your feelings and emotion as in not having mercy or forgiveness.


"My liver is closed to you" - me, giving up alcohol


Not sure if you can apply a literal translation here. Although it may make sense in Indonesian, the translation of "Hati say tertutup bagi kamu" could simply mean "I do not need/want you any more".


What is the difference between ditutup and tertutup?


Ditutup is passive, as in "pintunya ditutup oleh saya" tertutup is like the state it's in, like "pintunya tertutup"


Tertutup can also mean accidentally closing. For example, "Dia tertutup pintu itu".


Duo really jiwang in this language. Jiwang stands for feeling of missing someone they loved.


I was thinking the same thing.

Secondly, how does hati mean two different organs?


I might be wrong, but I think it's a case of the liver being considered the centre of emotions in Indonesia, not the heart.


Actually, Indonesians don't think of liver as the centre of emotions, it is still the heart. But it's just, heart is translated to two different organs depending on the context. When you're talking about feelings, you translate heart as "hati", but when you're talking about organs or anatomy, you translate heart as "jantung" and liver as "hati". Hope this helps :)


Fascinating (and confusing)


You are right. I, as an Indonesian, admit that. Benar sekali


Thankyou for that explanation. Sangat jelas


the sentence doesn't make sense to me.. does it mean that I love someone? or I am shutting you out from me ?


It might sound weird in English because we don't usually use this sentence for this kind of expression, but in Indonesian, you say your heart is closed for X when you want to express that you don't want him/her anymore. It's like, if your heart has a door, you won't let this particular person enter, which means you don't give a chance for them to love you (basically you're rejecting them). Or, it could also mean that you won't have mercy on a particular person.


FWIW, it's a common enough expression in English too, just with "Closed to" rather than "Closed for"


I haven't heard it before, thanks


Thanks for your help


So, Duolingo, please correct the given English transliteration to its proper translation. Much obliged.

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