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Disenchantment: The German Dub

I'm always searching for new content to watch when improving my language skills. I've found shows like Dicte and Hetalia that work wonders for my pronunciation and natural sentence structures in Danish and Japanese. Unfortunately, I could never find a German equivalent.

I started off with sifting through German television itself but found little that appealed to me. I then proceeded to scour the internet for dubs- usually poorly made- of content such as That 70's Show or Death Note. None of this, again, was particularly helpful. By this I mean I simply found the dubs to be intolerable. It was either awkward to see human voices overlaid with movements of the mouth that didn't match, or there was a better alternative in another language I'm studying.

But Disenchantment? It did wonders for me.

As much as I love the show, it's been getting justifiable praise and criticism from a multitude of fans. No matter your feelings about the plot or the characters itself (I'll go ahead and let you know the show was DEFINITELY PG-13 at the minimum,) the fact that the show had an awesome German dub is hard to argue with. Netflix usually has shows dubbed in multiple languages, but this one, in particular, was one I absolutely adored.

First off, the sentence structure isn't particularly hard to understand, and words such as horse, demon, princess, king, queen, etc. are rather easy to pick up on thanks to the setting and the repetition of words relevant to the characters. The show is pretty easy to understand (even without subtitles!) for intermediate learners and beginners will find themselves acquiring new vocabulary rather quickly. "Ich bin Elfo!" is the catchphrase of one character that will absolutely stick in your head and never let you forget it. :) Plus, the dialogue is quite clear and easy to comprehend.

And ohmigosh, the voice acting in the German dub of Disenchantment is to die for! While I was especially a fan of Elfo and Luci's voices, each character bore a unique and suiting voice. The acting itself was wonderful, and I- someone who speaks the bare minimum of German- could hear plenty of situational emotion to lend me context when I needed it. I know the original version of the show has a number of very reputable voice actors. While that's awesome in its own right, the German dub is just as good (if not better) in that regard.

One con, of course, is that while the German dub tends to follow the English CC pretty closely, they do differ a bit. I recommend trying to focus on the spoken German more than the English subtitles if you can, as the subtitles tend not to be the best representation of what's actually being said.

Overall, I thought that Disenchantment was a pretty "toll" series and I wanted to tell you that the version "auf Deutsch" was "sehr gut." I hope you'll take a minute to check out Bean, Elfo, and Luci. Let me know if you guys have found any German dubs that have impressed you the way Disenchantment did me. Tschau for now! :D!

September 24, 2018



Little correction (unless it was a joke), in the end, it's "Tschüsss" :)

If you are willing to practice by talking (I assume you prefer watching):



Also "Tschau" is quite common in spoken German, lend from the Italian "Ciao". Especially in that pun (that you can hear in Germany every now and then) it makes sense.

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