"I eat hot soup."

Translation:Saya makan sup panas.

September 24, 2018

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So what is it? Sup or sop? And if both are valid, is the differece regional/ethnic?


I was wondering if you can also "minum sup" instead of "makan sup" (drink instead of eat).


Nope, sorry. Even though it can be all fluid it's always a meal, not a drink. Even if you have it in a mug ;)


Well I suppose in some cases you could say "I sip soup", like when you have just a bit left in the bowl so you slurp up the rest. Sure you can argue that soup isn't a drink, but you can still drink it. Would those rules still apply in Indonesian?


"Saya makan sop panas" was marked as wrong, even though that's shown as an acceptable spelling for "soup" and is definitely the most common spelling here in Jakarta.

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