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help bring attention to issues with the Swahili course

I posted in the main forum, figuring that those in a position to do anything about the many issues we're all familiar with probably don't frequently visit this forum.

The thread's got a good number of upvotes: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28988398

The more the better!

September 24, 2018



I'll help you out with upvotes bud :)


It has been a month since this post. I haven't seen any movement. I am going also post something on the main forum


There is no way that Duolingo is not aware that the course has left beta full of unfixed errors and that sound was never added. An explanation would be nice.


Courses leave beta once the report rate goes below a fixed threshold (1 per 100 sessions is what the Hindi contributors recently mentioned; previously I've heard the more ambiguous "3 per 100 users"). I think it happens automatically without anyone really taking any action.

I'm sure you're right that they're well aware there's no audio. How aware they are of the low quality of the course presumably detracting from the number of users it can attract, and more significantly, retain, that I'm less sure of.

I suspect there was some commitment to maintaining the connection with the Peace Corps, but the Peace Corps seems to be flighty at best at maintaining their end of the bargain. At best, they forget to re-up themselves as contributors when they get the periodic e-mails regarding it. I know I've gotten hundreds of e-mails of accepted responses, but I'm still in awe of how rough things are even comparatively early in the tree.


You have a lot of 25's in your profile. It makes me dizzy xD


It is really not worth my time to try to learn Swahili without the audio. Can you notify us when it is available?

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