"We will leave our town tomorrow."

Translation:Tutatoka mjini kwetu kesho.

September 24, 2018

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What is wrong about "tutaondoka mjini kwetu kesho?"


that expression should work also


Nothing is wrong with it


Why is the possessive pronoun 'kweto' in this phrase? If mji is in the 3/4 class, why is it not 'weto'?


kwetu is the -etu (possesive "our") that is conjugated with the KU location-subject. Ku+etu = kwetu. The object in this is Mjini, which is mji+ni. The "ni" turns mji from the actual object of a town, into "mjini" the idea of the town as a location/place. For locations you use the Pa, Ku, or Mu. Pa being for specific locations, Ku being for general locations, Mu for being located INSIDE something. Since we're talking about the general location of a town, we use Ku. Ku+etu = kwetu. Mji wetu. Mjini kwetu.

Hope this helped!


Mji is being referred to here in pa-ku-mu, in other words as a place


What is wrong with tutaondoka mji wetu kesho?


-ondoka and -toka almost always take a location phrase rather than an object.

You could say Tutaondoka katika mji wetu ... or using another word instead of katika (such as kwenye or ndani ya) but I don't think it's really correct to just have mji wetu without turning it into a locational phrase.


I have like 150 screenshots of your explanations. Thank you


Tutaondoka kutoka mji wetu is the correct phrase.When going in katika is used.Tunaingia katika mji wetu( we are getting inside our city)


Exactly the same question I raised! But, I know the answer: nothing is wrong with it; it's equally correct as the translation Duo provided.


That was all I had in mind


What about 'Tutaacha mji wetu kesho"?

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