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  5. "Tu ne me disais jamais ça."

"Tu ne me disais jamais ça."

Translation:You never used to tell me that.

March 31, 2013



The first translation for: "you never told me that" should be: "tu ne m'as jamais dit ça".


As a native English speaker, this sounds painfully unnatural.


You have to get the exact meaning of the sentence even if it is unnatural. Otherwise, you cannot understand what the French imperfect can mean. Sorry for the pain.


Why not : You never were telling that ?


You left out "me".


Okay that's it, I'm quitting duo for awhile. I'm just so confused. I was taught that past imperfect could translate to 'would verb'. Some duo examples accept this and some mark me wrong (like this one, it did not accept 'you would never tell me that)

Also, it marked me wrong for using 'tell' and not say yet in another example it accepted tell.

And third, one of the correct solutions suggested was ' you were never saying me that' - what?! That is not grammatically correct. I can't seem to get past this level since it's so contradictory and I can't seem to learn the past imperfect either for the same reason.



I have to assume a hungry mouse managed to enter the program because I found lots of things missing here. Your proposal "you would never tell me that" is correct and should be accepted. (Edited)


"Your proposal "you would never tell me that" is correct and should not be accepted." - Do you mean my proposal is incorrect and should not be accepted or my proposal is correct and should be accepted?

I guess I'm just frustrated because I feel like all of a sudden on this level duo isn't being consistent. On some questions when it's using the past imperfect it accepts "would" and other it's rejecting that as an incorrect translation. Since I'm still a beginner I have no idea if I should report it or if it's a rule I must learn and I don't want to learn something incorrectly.

As an aside, thank you so much for answering all of our questions on this site and being so dedicated. I'm usually a lurker on these discussion boards and I've learned so much from your responses to others :)


Sorry for this typo. I edited my previous comment to "should be accepted".

This section, as I said, suffered a number of bugs that may not have all been corrected. Please flag them to me as you go, and I'll fix them. Many thanks for your understanding.


Why not : "You have never told me that"?


"you have never told me that/tu ne m'as jamais dit ça" means ... 'so far/jusqu'à maintenant'

"you never told me that/tu ne me disais jamais ça means... 'when I was a kid/quand j'étais gamin'


Thanks for your patience with us, Sitesurf!


Merci Bonne explication


'dire' means to say or tell. Instructing me not to confuse 'say' and 'tell' doesn't make sense.


It depends on what you answered. You might say "you would never tell me that" but not "you would never say me that".


Why not you were never saying that to me?


It sounds off in English. The continuous form of the verb in a past tense doesn't fit with the use of "never". You could say "you never told me that" or "you would never tell me that" or "you never used to tell me that", or with "say": "you never said that to me", "you would never say that to me", or "you never used to say that to me".


Can anyone explain why ca (excuse no cedilla) could not mean "this"


this = ceci

that = cela, shortened form: "ça"


Such a simple answer in the end. Thanks as always for your concise inputs to us learners


Why not 'you didn't ever tell me that'


This back translates to "tu ne m'as jamais dit ça", with the same meaning as "you have never told me that".

"tu ne me disais jamais ça" suggests a repeated action, like: in the past, in such circumstances, you would not tell me that.

Of course, with context, an English past tense can be used. But this lesson aims at stressing the fact that only rarely can you translate the English past tense to a French imperfect.


Would 'you were never telling me that' be valid here?


Why is you never said that to me wrong ? It is past tense amd same meaning.

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