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  5. "Dia belajar di sekolah umum."

"Dia belajar di sekolah umum."

Translation:She studies at a public school.

September 24, 2018



in the UK the term "public school" actually refers to a private school; one that has to be paid for. In the UK we use the term "state school" to refer to schools that any child can attend and which is paid for by the government.


Don't downvote it, his remark is good. We have to be clear on what we are talking.

Is it a school from the State , or a private one?


The "a" is optional in American English


The words "a" and "an" are known as indefinite articles. They do not define a specifictity to the noun in the sentence. Therefore, the use is not required... In English, of course. Oh, yeah! The exercise was to translate it to English. I guess the OTHER correct answer was omitted from the database. Typical oversight!!?


The word UMUM has many meanings. One is GENERAL. i.e.... Dokter Umum, Hospital Umum, Pasar Umum...


There should be no distinction between "at" and "in" when translating "di" from Indonesian.


Native Indonesian here. We rarely use the term sekolah umum and when we do I believe it refers to schools that are not reserved for children with special needs, or religious schools. Public school or state school would be better translated as sekolah negeri.

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