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What do you do when you see very poor translations?

What do you do when you translate a sentence and get a very low score (percentage) because you are not in agreement with others? There are times that the existing translations are completely wrong. I just did a translation and the other person who had translated left several words in Spanish -- I double checked my dictionary and google translate to see if what they said and both were in agreement with me. Several other times, I have seen translations where the sentence structure was obviously not from a native English speaiker.

April 5, 2012

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In such a case, you can just mark the translations as 'bad'. I wouldn't bother too much about the percentage of overlap with other's translations. Especially if there are only a few translations done by others, it doesn't tell you anything about the quality of your own translation. If the translation in question 'obviously is not by a native speaker', it would be nice if you make an edit suggestion. I'm not a native speaker of English either and surely appreciate any help in converting my translation into idiomatic English.

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