"Metode analisis ini buruk."

Translation:This analysis method is bad.

September 24, 2018

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Suggestion: “This analytical method is bad” or “The method of this analysis is bad”


The English in this course has a tendency towards compound nouns that isn't really present in Standard English. Compound nouns are used when the two nouns are used together often because, combined together, they are the name of one coherent unit that is always referred to using that same combination of the two nouns. Like if it was the name of an organization, for example. But if you just happen to string two random nouns together, you connect them with a preposition or clitic, you don't just create a new compound noun for every situation that presents itself.


The word "buruk" seems to be a bit overused overall. There are other synonym for "bad" in English, such as poor, inferior, inadequate, faulty, deficient, unacceptable, etc. So, how would these synonyms be translated into Indonesian? For example: "This analysis method is unacceptable"?

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