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"Tidak ada yang terkejut ketika apel biru tersebut berbicara."

Translation:Nobody is surprised when the blue apple speaks.

September 24, 2018



Nobody is surprised when Duolingo teaches nonsense


It's not that much "nonsense" as something you'd encounter much rarely than usual expressions. Indeed, by this point you should have enough grammatical knowledge & vocabulary to "rewrite" the sentence.


It's much more likely to remember some words from weird sentences like this than from common ones like "I have a blue pen". You remember it because it's different.


...except me! (Kecuali saya!)


Why do we need "tersebut" here? What if we say this sentence without it?


If you remove a word, the meaning of the sentence changes slightly, like in any language. You can remove "biru" too, and then the apple isn't blue anymore.


We can say this sentence without it, actually "tersebut" is to be more direct for that blue apple not other apple


Halo teman-teman! Can someone suggest some possible translations for this exercise, and explain your suggestions? I have already reported the Duolingo translation but I cannot be sure what could be a better translation to be added.

It seems that Duolingo are accepting these:

No one is surprised when the blue apple speaks.

Nobody is surprised when the blue apple speaks.

I have already reported the following translation because it appears as suggested by Duolingo:

No 1 is surprised when the blue apple speaks.

Selamat belajar! :)

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