"Saya sayang kamu."

Translation:I love you.

September 24, 2018

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Halo teman-teman! This Indonesian sentence can be used as one of the many translations for "I love you.", and it is very used in love songs and poetry. It can be used between lovers, but also between close friends and relatives.

It is important to remark that the Indonesian meaning of "sayang" / "menyayangi" (as a verb, in this exercise) is close to "to care about", while the meaning of "cinta" / "mencintai" is close to "to be in love", "to love".

This exercise can also be translated using different tenses in English.

Can someone suggest some possible translations for this exercise, and explain your suggestions?

Selamat belajar! :)


I care for you.


"I hold you dear"? It's somewhat poetic and lyrical, and emphasizes the caring, protective aspects of love rather than any amorous, passionate aspects.


Technically, it could mean "I am your darling" too, right?


What's technically literally


Okay, I see there are /sayang/, /cinta/, and /kasih/ as words for love.

Thanks for the explanation on /sayang/ and /cinta/.

Is there any nuance which distinguishes the meaning and usage of /kasih/ from the other word roots?

How (if it is) would /mengasihi/ differ from these other two?

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