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Streak inconsistency between smartphone and computer


I had a streak of 140 days. I bought a streak freeze, just in case. And recently I needed it, because I couldn't use Duolingo for one day.

In the computer there was no problem: I still have my streak. But in the mobile phone, it was resetted, and started again from 0, at least from the lateral menu. But, when I finish an exercise and the chart appears, the owl says that my streak is still 140+ days. My phone is an Android, BTW.

Anyone else experienced this problem? It is a known bug which is going to be fixed?


May 7, 2014



This is not a bug. The streak freeze only applies to your total streak. In the Android app you see the streak for the particular language that you are studying now, so it is reset to zero when you don't practice for a day. The streak you see at the end of the lesson is your total streak, so there it is okay.


It sounds a little bit odd to me, but now I understand. I think they should differenciate both streaks in some way.


I've noticed this happen on my Android as well, but since my streak was still intact on the computer, I shrugged it off and paid it no mind.


My iPad app will just randomly reset the streak after a few days. For example, I have a nine day streak on the website, but even though I completed most of the activities on my iPad app, it says that my streak is 0 days.

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