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"I have lost your expensive knife. I apologize."

Translation:tajlIj wagh vIchIlpu'. jItlhIj.

September 25, 2018



Per boQwI', tlhIj is transitive verb. Query whether is is possible/preferable to say qatlhIj instead of jItlhIj


tlhIj appears in qatlhIjneS my apologies in paq'batlh. If we accept paq'batlh as canonical, then you can say qatlhIj.

However, that doesn't mean that tlhIj is necessarily transitive. This could be an instance of the "prefix trick," wherein first- or second-person indirect objects are elided and take over the verb prefix, overriding any direct object — or no object — that may be present. Just as you can say qajatlh I speak to you, even though the direct object of jatlh is not the person spoken to, so too you can say qatlhIj. I suspect this is what is happening here.

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