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"Apakah jurnalis itu punya catatan bank mereka?"

Translation:Does that journalist have their bank records?

September 25, 2018



i got marked wrong here for writing the plural 'journalists', which i chose on the basis of 'mereka' being plural.

in english, it is perfectly fine to use the plural pronoun 'their' as a non-gendered singular pronoun; ie in place of 'his' or 'her'.

but as the personal pronouns in indonesian are inherently not gender specific, i'm wondering if it is likewise commonplace to substitute the singular 'dia' with 'mereka'?


I assumed the bank records weren't the journalist's but a third-party them/their (that the journalist perhaps was investigating, or whatever). So in a scenario:

"We have a journalist investigating that family's alleged tax evasion."

"Does the journalist have their bank records?"


hey, now that would make sense. thank you!


simple proposal: apply the plural = journalists

general proposal: select sentences that do not challenge your imagination in what rare situation they eventually could make sense!


tomorrowʻs headline: "prominent journalist killed in broad daylight by mafia members"

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