"Berapa anggaran mereka?"

Translation:How much is their budget?

September 25, 2018

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in this particular example sentence, we are just as likely to say in english:

'what is their budget?'


'what is their budget?' = should be accepted now.


hey that is great news, thank you!

i know i am frequently suggesting alternate translations, but sometimes there is quite some delay before any changes appear. that’s why i believe these discussion forums provide an excellent opportunity for the community to discuss these, and thereby hopefully instil some confidence in the course administrators around these suggestions :)


Please keep submitting reports and don't forget to leave your comments in the sentence discussions.
These reports and discussions are very helpful.
I'm currently adding alternate translations.


is "anggaran" always a noun? I got this wrong because I answered "how much did they budget". Thanks


Yes, the suffix "-an" means it's a noun. And "How much is their budget?" and "How much did they budget?" have different meanings.

The former means that they got the money. The latter, however, means that they allocated some money but it doesn't guarantee that the money is allocated to their account. In the original Indonesian sentence, "saya" is preceded by "anggaran", thus they have/obtained the money and can spend it.

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