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  5. "Berapa anggaran mereka?"

"Berapa anggaran mereka?"

Translation:How much is their budget?

September 25, 2018



in this particular example sentence, we are just as likely to say in english:

'what is their budget?'


'what is their budget?' = should be accepted now.


hey that is great news, thank you!

i know i am frequently suggesting alternate translations, but sometimes there is quite some delay before any changes appear. that’s why i believe these discussion forums provide an excellent opportunity for the community to discuss these, and thereby hopefully instil some confidence in the course administrators around these suggestions :)


Please keep submitting reports and don't forget to leave your comments in the sentence discussions.
These reports and discussions are very helpful.
I'm currently adding alternate translations.


is "anggaran" always a noun? I got this wrong because I answered "how much did they budget". Thanks

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